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Saint Germain - Journey of Forgiveness and Meditation

Saint Germain - Journey of Forgiveness and Meditation

Dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

With much gratitude, I end the first round of this Walk of Forgiveness. I won't say anything about the continuity of this walk that will be commented on in the coming days.

But, what is important at this moment? Each person following this walk should look within and ask: "What am I doing here? Why am I following this walk?" Don't be afraid of your own answers. There's no more room for lies or falseness.

You need to live who you are and what you feel. Nothing works when it is done by imposition or because someone or many follow. You need your heart to be totally involved in the process; you need each day, each step, to fill your heart with joy and look forward to the next journey. So this is the moment.

Today, I will conclude this first round. I advise everyone to finish this walk. But I tell you very sincerely: the doors will never close. For those who continue the journey half-heartedly, the door will open for the next round beginning on the Blue Ray. However, what you will bring back to yourselves will undoubtedly be the harsh truths not dealt with appropriately as we have done at every step.

No, don't judge this as a punishment. It will just be the response to the attitude you are taking. Walking on rays is not walking through the park in the company of an animal. It is not walking through the park, meeting friends, and having fun. It's a walk of Light and elevation. So if the heart goes into the walk full of joy and certainty, the walk will give you back the cleanliness; it will show you properly all that needs to be seen, and it will show you nothing that is not worth showing. Because we will all be acting unconditionally to bring elevation, not suffering.

If you come with a closed heart, as if it was a walk in the park, you will be exposed to everything your soul has done genuinely, without a lighter treatment. So I suggest you make a choice. "I want to continue because my heart is radiant, and I want to help my soul become lighter and lighter. I am sure that I will be approaching that pathway of the Fifth Dimension. If this is the way you think, congratulations, keep walking, and you'll only gain and learn.

Any other feeling, anything else, don't blame us. That won't be very nice if you start to be awake and aware of things. So this is the moment: what choice do you make? Move on because your heart is asking you to do the walk or stop here. Stop fooling yourself and trying to follow just because it will take you to the Fifth Dimension. Everybody is doing it, even though you don't trust, don't understand, and don't feel anything.

Which path do you choose: unconditional Love and the Fifth Dimension or the way that will show you hard truths that will get no treatment from us? Which one do you prefer?


Do this meditation by sitting down.

Breathe deeply.

With every breath, fill your body with Light. The Light is in the air you breathe, which cleanses your whole body.

When you exhale, you restore to nature what your body has expelled, everything that is the product of the cleansing done by the Light that has entered.

So each time you breathe, imagine you're surrounded by a Light white bubble. If you prefer to color it, that's fine, as long as it's not black Light, because black Light is the composition of everything with no light.

So don't inhale the lack of Light; inhale any color but the black one.

And when you exhale, always realize that you are putting out not only air, not only gases produced by your body. You are putting out the anguish, the fear, the anger, and feelings that shouldn't stay there.

As I speak, you breathe.

Keep breathing, but constantly inhaling Light and expelling everything you want to throw out. Of what color? It doesn't matter the color. What matters is the feeling you are putting on when you throw the air out.

It is as if it can pull out everything you want to put out.

I'm talking, and you're still breathing.

So realize that this is a natural process in your body. It doesn't take a moment of meditation for you to breathe.

Always be aware that you breathe in Light and breathe out emptiness. It's emptiness because nothing contains Light; it's everything contrary to Light, so it's being put out.

Now that you have taken several breaths, keep your eyes closed and feel the roots coming out of your feet, which should be bare. They will come out of the middle of your feet. These roots will be directed to Gaia's center.

When you touch Gaia's heart, Gaia notices and immediately gives you back all the love she has for you.

And this energy goes straight up from Gaia's heart and goes through your body, filling your whole body with the energy of Gaia's heart.

This energy can be white, yellow, blue, or whatever color you want. See how it fills your whole body internally.

Now, I stand before you and point my hands toward your heart.

From my hands, a Violet energy comes out and envelops your whole body, and this Violet Light blends with the Light that is inside of you.

And you find yourself immersed in a bubble of colored lights.

Inside this bubble, you will see something, feel something, or nothing; it's all right.

Stay in this bubble for 2 minutes.

I am no longer emanating energy into your heart, but you are incredibly enlightened.

If you saw, heard, or felt something, be aware of it and incorporate it into your life as a learning experience.

If you didn't see, hear, or feel anything, be grateful, your soul was taken care of, and that lesson has already been learned.

So, now I will take you to a beautiful world.

Feel as if I'm holding you in my arms.

Feel all the love that I put into you.

Feel that I am walking with you in my arms.

Now, I stand you up on a beach. No, you won't see me, but I am there beside you.

Look at the horizon.

The sky is exceptionally blue.

There, in the distance, a beautiful sun appears. Receive the rays of the Sun on your body.

Close your eyes and feel the energy of this environment.

Listen to the crashing of the waves.

Now, I am in front of you again. No, don't open your eyes.

You are entirely filled with solar rays, with all the energy of the Sun. So I place my right hand over your heart and emanate my Violet energy into your body.

Feel the radiance of the two energies, Solar and Violet, in your body.

Feel all this vibrant energy in your body.

In this instant, I retake you in my arms.

Like a child, I will take you into the sea. So don't be afraid; you are in my arms, and I simply let the waves wash over you.

You are fully protected. You are in my arms.

Don't be afraid.

Again, I let another wave wash over you; then another, and I begin to get out of the sea with you.

These waves have balanced your energy so that it is not in excess in your body.

Now, I put you on the sand again.

No, you will not see me. Instead, I will leave you in this wet and energized state for 5 minutes. You should be grateful for all the experiences you have had in this first round, for everything you have learned, seen, and for everything you have heard or felt.

Make a retrospective of what your walk has been like in this first week.

Now, keep your eyes closed; I'm going to pick you up once more. And I'm going to take you to another environment.

I'm going to leave you in a clearing, surrounded by Violet flowers.

Imagine this environment as you wish.

This is my home, and I invite you to be in it. It is a different way to show you my temple.

So, this is the password for whenever you want to be with me: Stand in this field of Violet flowers and call me; immediately, I will be by your side.

Now, close your eyes and when you open them, you will be in your physical world.

Don't come back all at once. Breathe gradually and, little by little, come back to your consciousness.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.

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