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Saint Germain: What Happened In 2012?

Saint Germain: What Happened In 2012?

Prophecies are probabilities from the perspective of time. If people change course before an event arrives, the prophecy also changes.

In the footsteps of 2012

JJK: According to the Mayan calendar, there should be major upheavals on this earth in 2012, at least that's the interpretation. But little happened. I, too, have repeatedly received messages indicating that some prophecies have lost their validity. In the book "THE GREAT TIME HAS COME" ARCHANGEL MICHAEL tells us: "For the higher levels of being, all the prophecies of the old days have little significance, although even there isolated situations can resemble exactly these predictions."

Why has this changed and have the Mayans really been wrong?

At the same time, I read again and again reports of extremely threatening solar flares (solar flares). Hotly ionized gas moves into interplanetary space at a speed of several million kilometers per hour. (12) (13)

These solar flares often come menacingly close to Earth and sometimes only take a different course at the last moment, as if a DIVINE HAND were intervening. Things that should have happened are missing.

Dieter Broers even reported in an exciting interview on 

 that years ago we were threatened by such a massive solar wind, so that the Are Force One had already started and high-ranking politicians were accommodated in the bunkers. The electromagnetic pulse should have hit the earth and we might find ourselves in the Stone Age. But even in this case, for completely inexplicable reasons, the course changes at the last moment and a geological catastrophe did not occur.

My questions: What is behind the fact that 2012 passed us by almost without a trace and that certain predictions are repeatedly not fulfilled? Is the end of the world just postponed? Does the holographic universe play a role in this?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: I embrace you with the purple flame of transformation.

I am with all the people who are now following this transmission of transformation energy. We are one and we are moving with great strides towards the time after this time.

Everything has started to move as more and more people move inwardly and free themselves from their torpor. This is the sure sign that in the end everything will turn out for the better and that all life will return to the light and love of God – all life and people.

Let's look at the current events around 2012 – in fact – God works in his grace and intervenes directly! The prophecies of the initiates from the Mayan culture known to you, which you were and are, are true, although they did not arrive. The predictions of many visionaries of different epochs are just as coherent. More on that later in the course of our conversation.

Basic vibration for new timelines

It is true that the Earth was heading for extinction. Due to the inner maturity of many people – due to the transformation work of individuals – this process could be aborted before 2012. Now everything finds its fulfillment in a milder and more harmonious way.

Today, more and more people have a suitable basic vibration to switch to the new timeline of the New Earth. The CENTRAL SUN inexhaustibly moves transformation energy and light to this earth. This spiritual light reaches people's hearts and they move out of this matrix. This is a process that happens gradually.

Many people today have the feeling that time is passing faster and faster. This is a clear sign that these people exist on a different timeline, or at least wander back and forth between the old and the new timeline.

Deal with the holographic universe and you will understand what is said here well. In summary, this means:

Ascension takes place every day and takes place when man raises his vibration.

Today it is clear that those forces that want to block this process can no longer penetrate to those who have chosen the light in their hearts. The darkness is left behind just as the dark entities themselves have to stay behind.

Ascension also means a time jump and the change to a higher swinging timeline – the NEW EARTH.

On a subtle level, this process is already well advanced and many people are already acting on the New Earth. On the still condensed 3D level, which still forms your everyday life, we are in the middle of the final confrontation between light and lightless forces.

The confrontation

It is the confrontation with those who want to hold you back and not let you go – ASCEND.

These powers need the soul power of people for their own survival and they do not want to clear the field. That is why you are currently experiencing a unique fear campaign of the unlightened forces. The dark levels of power know that they have lost the game and a lot of soulful people, so their measures to somehow turn back the wheel of time before 2012 are all the more desperate. This is impossible and can no longer happen!

JJK: In this respect, therefore, this decision has been made. That is, all we see today in terms of upheavals are the desperate attempts to turn things around again. I find it interesting that we live on two earths at the same time. As we break off here, we are already moving in on the new timeline.

My question: Could it be that the people who really perceive the Corona panic as real belong to the old 3D timeline, while those who are not afraid of it are already anchored on the New Earth?

Is it possible that for some the hospitals are really full of corona patients? Is it possible that there really are a lot of corona deaths on 3D Earth and that a mass extinction is taking place – and that those who govern us make their decisions out of this reality? Is this corona paradox a reality? When I look at the faces of our politicians (Trump is really an exception!), there is sheer fear.

The Corona Paradox

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It's not just possible, it's the way you portrayed it. The topic of Corona reveals in a wonderful way how different people's perception can be and how reality is created. Every human being lives in the world he creates through his thoughts.

Every human being creates his or her reality, which is either made up of fear or permeated by love. What is real is what a person experiences internally, and the stronger his attachment to these thoughts and feelings, the more powerful the manifestations on the outside. On the subject of corona, the individual person can see where he stands in his development. Are you dominated by fears or are you carried by love?

JJK: People often say to people who have a very specific perception: "He lives in a parallel universe." That's not that far from reality – is it?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: That is the reality!

Therefore, it is crucial that you always focus on the light and remain connected to the light. Thus, your vibration remains constant and you anchor yourself more and more on the high-swinging timeline of the New Earth.

JJK: That is, although the game here "BELOW" is already decided and there are no major distortions, there is still enough to do.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Now it depends on each individual. The more people wake up now, the milder the transition to the New Earth.

Every transformation means change, the question is, by what circumstances is this change accompanied?

Waking up means recognizing oneself as a divine being and striving to bring oneself into a constant loving basic vibration.

In this way, compassion is developed and a true inner peace is achieved.

That is the challenge for people at this time. Only in this way will the fears that are brought to you from the outside like in a continuous rain be extinguished.

In the 8 years after 2012, a part of humanity has made a great leap into the light, so today a lot is possible.

This also explains why the transformation of humanity and the transition of humanity to the next dimension has so far been able to take place with relatively mild side effects.

When do light forces intervene?

JJK: I would like to return to the questions raised at the beginning. Much of what should have happened has been and continues to be thwarted by the forces of light.

There are reports that aircraft with nuclear weapons are decommissioned by unknown persons shortly before take-off, that UFOs are often located near military bases, that HAARP is sabotaged, that the chemtrails are rendered ineffective, that much of the nuclear radiation in Fukushima has been dissipated by the spirit world, and that the spiritual light forces also ensure that that certain satellites that are supposed to radiate harmful electromagnetic fields to Earth will be rendered harmless.

My question is: How great is the influence of the Light Forces really and in which cases does the "Hand of God" intervene directly?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: With every person who liberates himself and becomes more conscious, the combined light forces receive a greater scope for action.

The direct intervention of the hand of God is possible to the extent that people rise to God.

Therefore, the consciousness work of the individual is crucial.

It is not the revolutions on the streets that bring about the turnaround, but it is only the aspirations of the individual to move from fear to love. This requires the purple flame of transformation.

Please take this opportunity more, I stand ready when you are ready.

JJK: What is the significance of prophecies? Not only do the sun flares pass by the earth, but also the predictions of Nostradamus, Irlmaier, Baba Wanga or the palm leaf libraries are often missing. Can you clarify once again what the changes and postponements result from?

Prophecies are probabilities

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Prophecies are always probabilities. Everything is in motion. What manifests itself in the end is subject to the individual decisions. The free will of people dictates what happens – depending on where a person directs his energy and what he focuses attention on.

Prophecies are probabilities from the perspective of time. If people change course before an event arrives, the prophecy also changes.

This happens constantly. From this you can see how powerful your decisions are and how free will has a very concrete effect on current events.

No matter how powerful another power seems to you, it is you who matters! You determine the course of the earth.

JJK: So our main task is to sweep in front of your own door! Will there now be even greater upheavals?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Everyone experiences the upheavals from their perspective. There are as many ascents or descents as there are people. It is all a matter of your consciousness.

Planet Earth, our home planet, where we could perceive ourselves as human beings and test ourselves in many roles, will complete this transformation in the care of God. For individual people, it means "back to the start," but not for humanity or the earth as a whole.

Saving the world or yourself?

JJK: These are very nice prospects. What is important for the individual now – to save the world or himself?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Dive deep into the sea of your infinite soul and swing up to your transcendent consciousness!

That is the work that matters now. Whoever wants to save the world will lose himself and the world. More than ever, it depends on you today.

If you believe that an individual cannot achieve or change anything, then I tell you: You have not yet dived deep enough.

Your fears, blockages, ideas, patterns, beliefs or opinions create your reality. If you want to change this reality, then change your inner programming and release the fears. This is what every awareness work depends on.

The purple flame of transformation serves you as I serve you. You want to change the world and be surrounded by better people? Then change yourself and become a better person yourself!

You decide for yourself what you project onto the screen of your life. In the here and now, you are the designer of your future.

I love you infinitely,

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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