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The Count of Saint Germain

The Count of Saint Germain

St. Germain, also called the Cosmic Master of the Aquarian Age, has been given the title of Chohan of the Seventh Ray by the Great White Brotherhood of Light.

His appearances continue to the present day, often unexpected, typically marked by the imparting of wisdom or the delivery of a message of significance to the individual or to humanity as a whole.

By transmuting the old energy and leading Christ Consciousness into the new Golden Age, he delivers a new energy and civilization to the planet.

One of the most common questions we are asked when people attend one of our events is "What is your guide's name and where is he from?"

As humans, we are so used to this when we first make contact with someone ... who are you and where are you from ...

And interestingly, extraterrestrial guides often don't find it at all relevant to provide that information first.

They find the connection and the relationship to be much more important, as well as whether the information that they are providing can be integrated and applied to our lives.

The vast majority of extraterrestrial civilizations do not use names as we know them. They recognize each other by their energetic appearance, their vibrational signature.

They choose and share a name with us as an anchor for communication because they know we are used to it when we make contact. The name they choose has different layers of meaning regarding the connection between the two souls.

At the beginning of contact in 2013 with one of my guides "named" Ezra'el, he has never indicated exactly where he came from.

To this day, Ezra'el has only revealed that he has strong connections to the energy of Mercurius (Mercury) and a strong connection to the Merlin consciousness.

Merlin, Mercury, Hermes and Toth

That Merlin was named during my initiation session was remarkable, as Merlin has been a "good acquaintance" of mine all my life and has crossed my path many times in unimaginable ways.

Mercury (Mercurius - note, in Dutch we only use the word Mercurius) I knew only as one of our neighboring planets.

At that time I was not very impressed by it, but later this changed completely.

In astrology, Mercury is known as the ruling planet of communication and intellect, governing how individuals express themselves, converse and assimilate knowledge. 

It is symbolic of the thought process, of language, of writing, and of all forms of communication, including both verbal and non-verbal expressions.

In astronomy, Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, taking 88 days to complete a single orbit. 

In mythology, Mercury as a deity was therefore known as the "messenger of the gods" because it was closest to the light.

In the Universe, everything is connected ... 

By looking further into the mythology, we start with Thoth (Egypt), who later incarnated as Hermes (Greek), who was reborn as Mercury (Roman). 

Hermes / Thoth presides over the marriage of mysticism and science and is the patron of all forms of spiritual knowledge.

Magic, alchemy, symbology, astrology, tarot... are all under his dominion.

Thoth is credited as the original source of every masterwork on "the structure and mechanics of the Universe" - including the Kybalion, written by Hermes Trismegistus.

Hermes was not only regarded as the messenger of the Gods, but also as the one charged with guiding souls to the Afterlife, just like Archangel Ezra'el guides souls back to source, to Light)

Merlin was an alchemist, prophet and advisor to King Arthur.

He is immortalised as the archetypal "Magician" who guided Arthur to unify the realm of Britannia, inspired the formation of the Round Table and the pursuit of the Holy Grail, which is seen and understood as a state of Enlightenment.

Merlin founded the Mystery School of Camelot to teach the secrets of the world, alchemy and magic, and anchored the Violet Flame in Camelot to be a place of transformation. 

A 'miracle' or 'magic' is just a sudden transformation, a change that happens so quickly and literally 'in a flash' that we cannot explain it.

Because the actual location of Camelot is still debated (many believe it is at Glastonbury), the mystery and magic surrounding it remains intact, which in turn keeps it alive in people's imaginations, so the Violet Flame continues to burn there.

But that's not all ...

Saint Germain and Adama (Telos, Mount Shasta)

In 2015, we were looking for a suitable location for our events in Flanders (Belgium) and ended up at the Great White Whale Center near Antwerp.

Little did I know that the owners had a strong connection to Saint Germain, and it was here that I first heard that Saint Germain had previously incarnated in another timeline as Merlin.

It is all the same consciousness in different incarnations.

In 2016, we went to Mount Shasta for training to work with Stargate Experience.
We went to Mount Shasta completely unprepared because we did not want to have all kinds of other people's stories in our heads in order to have no expectations and to have our own experience.

During a walk with the group in the ancient and magnificent Panther Meadows a spontaneous channeling occurs and a being named Adama comes through to me.
At that time, Jacqueline and I had never heard of Adama ... and I wondered why Adama was speaking through me and not through any of the others in the group of 11.
So the next day the group took us to a shop in Shasta full of information about this spokesman for Telos, who is said to be another incarnation of Saint Germain, known from the Violet Flame.

Fascinating coincidence that I happen to be born into the - by origin - French family line named Fiolet, on the 11th of March.

And while all of these connections and beings are very magical to explore, today we want to delve deeper into Saint Germain, for few figures in modern history are as mythical, legendary and shrouded in mystery as the man known as Count Saint Germain.

Saint Germain is usually portrayed as an Ascended Master who could have ascended to higher dimensions, but chose not to and stayed behind to help and guide humanity into a more spiritual form and usher in the future prosperity and peace known as the Golden Age.

St. Germain is believed to have been highly involved in Alchemy throughout all of his incarnations, especially in his incarnation as Merlin.

The idea of transforming base metals into gold may have been an analogy, for surely the true alchemy is Spiritual Alchemy - transforming daily life into a heavenly life, transforming our heart into an angelic heart of unconditional love, transforming a dream into a reality, transforming an incarnated soul into an ascended soul.

It is all connected ... the consciousness or being we know as Saint Germain has incarnated in various timelines as prophet Samuel, St. Joseph, St. Alban, the first British martyr, and Merlin, the alchemist, seer and advisor to King Arthur. 

In more recent times, he has incarnated as Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, and Sir Francis Bacon.

Now, let's start there...

Sir Francis Bacon

Because it is here, in a secret marriage between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Roger Dudley, that the legend of Saint Germain begins with the birth of a child.

Born in 1561, Francis Bacon grew up as an adopted child.  

The Queen concealed the child's identity so as not to name him heir to the throne.
At the age of 15, he discovered that he was the rightful heir to the crown. However, he would never ascend the throne.

Instead, the Queen announced that King James VI of Scotland would succeed her.
Francis was sent to France, where he learned about ciphers and chose a life of scholarly and political pursuits.

Known as the father of inductive reasoning and the scientific method, Francis Bacon has been called the greatest mind the West has ever produced.

He became King James's Lord Chancellor and as the founder of deductive reasoning, he laid the foundation for modern science and technology.

He later became a Master of the Alchemical Sciences, during which time he claimed to remember his past life reincarnations as the Prophet Samuel, Plato, Merlin, Shakespeare, Roger Bacon, and Christopher Columbus.

As Merlin in the 5th century, he helped save Europe from the Dark Ages by helping King Arthur establish Britain as a place where Christ's achievements could flourish and people could achieve a closer relationship with God or Source, which is the path to higher spiritual dimensions.

As Roger Bacon, the alchemist, he predicted the creation of flying machines, hot air balloons, magnifying glasses, carriages, and mechanically powered ships.

He also wrote about them as if he had seen them with his own eyes.

He believed that knowledge came from connecting with one's inner source, not from external authorities or dogmas.

For this he was imprisoned by the Church for the rest of his life.

In his writings, he describes a voyage of three ships to a new land, which led to his next reincarnation as Christopher Columbus.

Freemasonry and Rosicrucian’s

When Francis became aware of his reincarnated lives, he came up with a new scientific method that helped to bring about the Renaissance in England by hiding many of his ideas in various secret societies that he founded in order to avoid persecution by the Church.

It is said that it is Francis Bacon who wrote the literature under the pseudonym of William Shakespeare, based on the goddess Athena, whose spear vibrated when sunlight struck it.

"Shaking her spear" (Shakespeare) considered his pen a "spear of knowledge" used to strike at ignorance.

He also used many ciphers in his plays and stories.

It is interesting to note that the writings, messages, and metaphors of Shakespeare are still known today and referred to as high wisdom, yet the author is still debated.

Just as our off-world guides use to communicate with humanity... it is the message, not the messenger.

When Francis returned to England, he formed many secret societies.

The first was known as the Knights of the Helmet, which represented Athena's wisdom, guidance, and morality.

Their goal was to eliminate ignorance by reforming the English language, standardizing the spelling of words, and publishing new works in English (not Latin) so that everyone could understand them.

The Knights of the Helmet were associated with a group of secret societies related to the Rosicrucian’s from the time of Atlantis.

The Rosicrucian’s believed that knowledge was immortal and should be made available to anyone who sought it.

The Rosicrucian’s also sought universal enlightenment through the process of alchemy.
They believed it was better to be discreet and reveal some knowledge while concealing some, thus creating a treasure trail for those seeking the truth.

Francis wrote a book called "The Great Instauration" in which he formulated a plan to restore paradise on earth through the process of true knowledge and virtue, which at that time were no longer considered priorities for humanity.

After the Queen's death in 1603, King James VI assumed the throne and Francis was promoted to Lord Chancellor and given the task of reforming Freemasonry, which at that time was simply an elite social circle.

Francis wanted to transform "Guild Freemasonry" into "Speculative Freemasonry," a fraternal order of philosophers who would recreate the world in the image of how God originally created it, not how men or the Church had made it.

He then reformed the 9 degrees of the Knights Templar into 33 degrees.

This number was based on Christian ethics, the belief in one's inner Christ Consciousness, and the number 33 came from an alphabet cipher.

Later, as Christopher Columbus, he was inspired by the prophet Isaiah and the writings of Robert Bacon and envisioned a new world where "God would gather the remnant of His people from all over the earth.

He then continued his work as Christopher Columbus by convincing King James to sign the Virginia Charter, which began the development of the New World with England's first colony at Jamestown.

Because of his Masonic teachings of inner divine potential, freedom and enlightenment, these teachings became the basis for the creation of the future USA, founded by Masonic leaders such as George Washington.

Francis envisioned it as the New Atlantis, led by his peaceful and divinely inspired Masonic orders.

By 1620, Francis' fame had begun to spread, and jealous colleagues began falsely accusing him of corruption.

He then symbolically faked his own death and traveled outside of England on April 9, 1626, Easter Sunday.

Finally, on May 1, 1684, in a castle in Transylvania owned by the Rakoczi family, he achieved his physical ascension to another plane.

Francis is said to have ascended to the 14th dimension, where his mortal body was transformed into that of an immortal angel.

He chose not to ascend further, but instead joined the Great White Brotherhood of Light, a group of souls who vowed to remain on Earth until the day when all humanity would ascend.

He then returned to Earth in a new body and took on his name as the Count of St. Germain, from Sanctus Germanus, which means "Holy Brother" in Latin in reference to the Brotherhood.

When people think of St. Germain and his promise to usher in the Golden Age, it is most often taken as a metaphor.

Little is known about his efforts to literally end poverty and bring abundance to the world through the means of real gold and precious assets, stored in the Saint Germain Trust.

In general, Saint Germain is known not for his artistic and musical talents, as well as for his ability to turn rocks into diamonds while removing all flaws, to write with both hands simultaneously, to read a book by passing his hand over it, to speak all languages, to travel simply by thinking, and to promote peace.

Having created his own elixir of life, he is said to have never aged and declared that "whoever succeeds in rising above his emotions and suppressing anger and fear of disease is capable of overcoming the wear and tear of the year and reaching an age at least twice that of men who die of old age".

St. Germain's ability to turn lead into gold (the Philosopher's Stone) was confirmed in 1727 when he shared his secret money-making abilities with the elites in the secret societies and various monarchs, hoping that they would also use this ability to benefit mankind.
Instead, much to his dismay, they kept it all for themselves.

So in 1729 he broke with them and created the World Trust, mandating that its funds could not be released until or after the year 2000.

A major requirement was that humanity had to be ready to see positive changes, abundance and new technology, which could only happen if they were able to put aside petty and violent behaviors and learn how to use their own unique gifts/talents.

After founding the World Trust, he traveled to Persia to learn the secrets of enlarging gems through psychic abilities.

Having a large collection of gems, everyone marveled at his wealth, but no one could identify where the gems came from.

When people questioned his wealth, he replied: "Since God created the world, I can create whatever I want out of nothing."

In 1729, Saint Germain visited his friend Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, whose commitment to Enlightenment culture was the foundation of the Kingdom of Prussia, which Voltaire visited as well.

There is what Voltaire wrote: "Saint Germain is a man who has never been born, who will never die and who knows everything".

Between 1774 and 1784, Saint Germain traveled to Germany and Austria and tried to convince the monarchs to join forces to prevent the French Revolution and create the United States of Europe.

Unfortunately, they were unwilling to give up their power to unite Europe.
St. Germain, having first had an audience with Marie-Antoinette (Queen of France), which revealed some revelations about the coming problems, had asked Marie-Antoinette to get him an audience with the King Louis XVI, as the King's chief advisor.
As Saint-Germain was not successful in obtaining this audience with the King, history goes on to tell us about the French Revolution, and both King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette went to the guillotine, ending the French monarchy.
Saint-Germain disappeared from the scene and he turned to America.

On July 4, 1776, the leaders of the colonies met at Independence Hall to discuss risking their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence.

During this meeting, St. Germain appeared on the balcony and gave an impassioned speech urging them to sign.

He declared

“the words of the Declaration will live on long after our bones turn to dust. 
Sign the parchment, sign, sign! Not only for yourselves, but for all ages.
For that parchment will be the textbook of freedom, the Bible of the rights of man forever.
Sign for the sake of millions, waiting to hear the words 'you are free!"

During the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), he was instrumental in convincing King Louis XVI to send 6,000 troops to join General Washington, a crucial move that helped give America its decisive victory.

Meanwhile, in Europe, not only did the monarchs oppose the creation of the United States of Europe, but the Freemasons he helped reform had been infiltrated by the faction of the Bavarian Lodge that renamed itself the Illuminati.

All of this was in direct contradiction to Saint Germain's version of Freemasonry, which was anchored in universal enlightenment based on one's inner divine potential.

In 1782, the Masonic lodges merged with the Illuminati, creating the modern form of Freemasonry. 

Three years later, at the Paris Convention of 1785, St. Germain and his associates attempted to unite the Rosicrucian’s, Illuminati, and Freemasons.

However, after the convention, St. Germain was falsely accused of conspiring to create anarchy and disloyalty. 

As a result, his role in Freemasonry was almost completely eliminated, as Masonic lodges began to systematically erase all traces of St. Germain from the Order.

With the exception of the letter 'G' (Germain), which is still found in the symbol of Freemasonry, since this symbol is engraved in stone throughout the world and could probably never be fully erased, they changed the definition and origin of the letter 'G'.

After this episode, St. Germain lived a more private life and once again he faked his death in 1784.

The Seventh Ray- the Violet Ray

The Great White Brotherhood of Light bestowed upon him the title of Chohan of the Seventh Ray, 100 years after his ascension.

With his new title, St. Germain delivers to the people of God the revelation of the Seventh Age and the Seventh Ray - the Violet Ray of Freedom, Justice, Mercy, Alchemy and Sacred Ritual - a new wave of life, a new civilization, a new energy.
St. Germain is therefore called the Cosmic Master of the Age of Aquarius, because he is responsible for transmuting the old energy and bringing about Christ Consciousness in the new Golden Age.

He is the ultimate TimeTraveler and believed to be on Earth right now, working hand in hand with the other Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation.

The Golden Age

As mentioned earlier, most people see St. Germain and its promise to usher in the Golden Age as a metaphor.

But it may be more literal than we think.

Gold has played a central role in human history from the very beginning.

Remember that the Annunaki created "man" 450,000 years ago to help them mine gold on our planet, but in doing so, they also initiated our evolutionary path of growing consciousness.
Because we all live our daily lives more or less consciously, we may think it's something small.

And some still hold a grudge against the Annunaki for this.

But the fact is... this was a giant step in the evolution of mankind!

So in a sense, gold is the beginning of humanity's journey 450,000 years ago.
And it is such an interesting thought that the next great change in our consciousness takes place in the Golden Age of Aquarius.

This could all be metaphorical, but on the other hand, there are many reports suggesting that Saint Germain, who himself was very wealthy and had many wealthy connections, created a structure of funds with names such as Word Trust, Foundation Divine and even under his own name Saint Germain Trust, which contained immense amounts of assets that could not be released until after 2020 on the condition that humanity's consciousness evolved and could only be used for humanitarian purposes.
It is said that some of the assets are being held off-world in cooperation with the Galactic Federation who assist us in this age of transformation.

However, there is virtually no information about this in the public domain.

Now that spirituality and consciousness are (again) intertwined with science, we are entering the quantum world, the realm where everything is connected.

Where all probabilities lie dormant, waiting to be activated by the choices of our consciousness.

The underlying structure of our reality and the mechanism of the universe, of creation, formerly called the science of alchemy.

Who knows, Saint Germain may have brought more to this world than is visible to the naked eye.
After all, he is a Master Alchemist ...

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ~ Voltaire, 19th century, France


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