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Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fourth Round

Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fourth Round

Dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

It's with great joy that I come here to the fourth round of the Journey of Forgiveness. It's with great pleasure that we all see the journey unfolding.

This journey is made up of seven rounds; you've already passed the middle and are heading towards the final step. At each round a new way of releasing energies that no longer are part of your journey; old, pain, and suffering energies that no longer fit into your current life.

Subtly observe how you are now and how you were at the beginning of your journey. Some will say: "Nothing has changed for me! Has it? Or is it so hard to admit that what's happening around you is so intense and immense that you prefer not to see it? Ask yourself this question. You've all changed. Your souls are brighter, you're lighter, for a layer of profound, dark energy's been removed. We can almost see your souls entirely glowing.

The next rounds will be more difficult because this will require total surrender from you, full release, and complete detachment. Many won't succeed, and many will fall by the wayside. But I'd say it won't have been in vain because you've achieved so much. Many have given up and aren't in this fourth round. So, whoever doesn't make it to the next rounds, don't feel incapable or impotent. You're just not ready yet. But later on, pick up again. There's no need to go back to the beginning. Just resume the walk.

Have no fear; everything is being done for your evolution. So be ready to rip out, I'd say, even bleed your souls; much that's still in there that you don't want to get rid of. So this will be the time. To go to the Fifth Dimension, your souls need to be clean, free of any ties with anybody.

So be ready for the tremendous final process of this journey. Three stages, each one more difficult than the last. But be assured, we'll be, not alongside, above, below, in front, and behind. We'll be within the heart of each of you; when the time comes, we can stop the suffering and the pain and allow you to be set free. However, the final word isn't ours. The last word is yours.

If at the moment you say: "No, I'm not ready," your journey ends there, and further on, you can try again, as many times as you want. This part of the journey is exceptional. We could say that it is the final test for the great preparation. So fill yourselves with love and trust, and start seeing yourselves as unique, isolated souls. Nothing more.

Souls come and go. You must be ready to stay, just souls, isolated, not alone because you'll never be alone. You have many Beings of Light around you, so your soul will never be solitary. But it needs to go back to being just a soul, without any connection with any other soul. This is a significant step. Whether you're ready or not.

And let me make it very clear: those who aren't ready, don't judge yourself or others. Each one is in their own time. You are at a point in the journey, your soul journey, that makes you ready for this or not. There is no judgment, neither by you nor by us. So beware of the judgment that you'll make. There can be no judgment. It's just not the time yet. And I say again: We'll be together, giving you the strength and courage to effectively become just souls.

Meditation 7

You can do this meditation lying down or sitting, whatever suits you best.

If you lie down, don't fall asleep; otherwise you'll have to repeat the meditation.

We complete the final fourth round of the Journey of Forgiveness.

Today we finish this round.

I enclose you in my Violet Flame.

If you are lying down, this flame is wide and long enough so that your entire body fits in.

See your whole self in the Violet Flame.

Breathe deeply all of the light that it emits, and as you exhale, let everything that bothers you go.

Breathe in this Violet Light deeply and exhale all pain, hurt, resentment, suffering, and negative emotions.

Take a deep breath in this Violet Light and exhale the tiredness and discouragement so that your journey becomes pleasant.

I place my hands on your Crown Chakra; you will receive all my Violet Ray energy; with it, the Souls will be brought into this great process.

Remain in this state for five minutes.

Repeat after me:

"May my Higher Self connect to the Higher Self of every soul here present. May each and every connection, no matter the intensity, be transmuted right now into Love and Light, freeing my soul and all other Souls from any kind of imprisonment."

Align your arms at your sides with the palms up or place them on your legs, palms up if you are seated.

I place my hands on yours and emanate the energy of the Violet Ray, which will trigger the cleansing of all the energies that have been dealt with in this instant.

Remain under the energy of my ray for five minutes.

I take my hands from your hands.

The Crystal that you have on your chest will emanate Violet energy for an extended period of time, until the next ray.

So, the process doesn't actually end here.

All that is yet reverberating in your present existence will be transmuted into Love and Light.

Any vision, feelings, or dreams that you may have, call any one of us immediately, and ask for this memory to be transmuted and erased from your mind.

Be grateful you have come so far.

Be thankful for your choice of being here reverberating Love for your soul and for thousands of Souls on this planet.

Carry on your journey of Unconditional Love.

Vibrant Love, Peace and Light.

My Violet Flame will remain with you all night and all day.

Take a few deep breaths; slowly return to your consciousness.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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