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Master St. Germain: Live Your Real Life!

Master St. Germain: Live Your Real Life!

Your soul knows the plan. Give her the lead and enjoy the assistance of the ego. You have the choice: to let the ego prevail in the service of your self or to submit your self to the ego, to draw from the divine soul or to bow to the tyranny of the ego.

It sickens

Consecrate your life to the divine plan! Give your talents to humanity! Flow with the stream of life by obeying your inner voice unconditionally!

It is sick because man too often does not give importance to the cues that his soul sends out, and it is sick because the inner voice is overheard instead of heard. Many people are still in the wrong life. They obey false concepts of life and they follow the plan of the false ego – the ego.

Knowingly and unknowingly, they are treading water. Spiritual development is postponed and cannot take place.

"Spiritual development?"

JJK: What does it mean to "evolve spiritually"?

CHAMPION ST. GERMAIN: This means acknowledging spirit, the living spirit that you are, as reality – and it means aligning life with the meaning that has been given to you for this incarnation. There is a divine plan that has brought you here, and your soul is familiar with that plan. It all starts with the two basic questions: "Why am I here?" and, "What do I have to do here?"

Do not lose yourselves in the hustle and bustle of this time, in the tasks that this matrix imposes on you and that seem indispensable.

Do not seek to achieve anything in this world. This world of illusion has no intrinsic value. The only justification for their existence is the learning experience that is associated with it for a human being.

Really get out!

Get out, really get out! Get out by really distancing yourself and emancipating yourself from the necessities that this world suggests to you.

It's time to change your life, it's time to fundamentally change your life.

Can you ride two horses at the same time or serve two gentlemen at the same time? Many of you try this balancing act until you are torn between other people's demands and your own unlived needs.

Pursue only one goal: to maintain vital communication with your soul and with your spirit! Act as directed by your omniscient soul and spirit – and be unconditional.

Not only does a heart beat inside you, but your inner voice makes itself felt through the heart. She's talking to you. It tries to reach you through the heart and is closer to you than your breath.

With your soul you are an inseparable unity and from your spirit you have emerged as a divine consciousness – and yet you sometimes behave as if you know neither soul nor spirit.

You receive images in your dreams, you see reflections of yourself in daily life, and your soul is constantly communicating with you. When do you want to get in touch with YOURSELF and fix everything that's broken? This matrix can only exist because so many people act out their egos instead of connecting with themselves on this planet, where the ego governs.

So I invite you to reflect more and more on yourself, to make courageous decisions and to shed old false lives like a worn skin.

"The wrong life?"

JJK: How do we recognize a "false life"?

CHAMPION ST. GERMAIN: When what you do robs you of more strength and energy than it gives you energy and strength. If what you're doing is easy for you and if you love what you do, then you're in the right place.

Those who still function in the gears of the world often ask themselves the question: "Why am I still doing this or how long do I want to do this?" No matter what reasons you find to stay in the game, these questions are indicators that you're in the wrong movie.

It's easy to see this – and every person who looks honestly at their life knows it. It doesn't matter whether you can admit this to other people, it is essential that your inner voice reminds you of it until you initiate a course correction.

Live your real life, the life that you have designed and created for yourself in your prenatal life planning. Your soul knows the plan. Give her the lead and enjoy the assistance of the ego.

You have the choice: to let the ego prevail in the service of your self or to submit your self to the ego, to draw from the divine soul or to bow to the tyranny of the ego?

That's what it's all about during a human life on earth.

This is meaning, challenge and adventure at the same time.

All happiness and all misfortune are destined in this choice.

Dear one,

Awaken to yourself and wonderful changes will be part of life.

Let it happen, for miracles are destined for you too.

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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