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5 Natural Herbs That Can Get You High

5 Natural Herbs That Can Get You High

There are two major dried parts of a plant. While most of the dried edible parts come under the category of spice, the dried leaves constitute herbs. Herbs have been popular for centuries, and people have been using them for various medicinal benefits. The most common ways of using herbs are in the form of teas, tinctures, and cooking. They can add much flavor while offering many health-promoting properties.

Although most herbs do not cause intoxication, certain herbs can cause mind-altering effects when taken in excess or for prolonged periods of time. So, here are the five natural herbs that can get you high.

1. Cannabis

Cannabis/marijuana is a psychoactive plant of the Cannabis sativa species. People consume dried cannabis leaves and extracts for both medicinal and recreational purposes. It consists of two major components, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD).

The latter is non-psychoactive and is used for medicinal purposes like relieving pain, anxiety, and enhancing the immune system. It's the High THC seeds in cannabis herbs that get people a feeling of "high." When a person takes cannabis, the THC compound binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors and overwhelms the brain's endocannabinoid system. This increases blood flow to the brain, which makes people euphoric and affects cognitive functions like decision making and motor skills.

Sometimes these acute euphoria can induce anxiety and paranoid reactions that can last up to six hours. As per a Livescience article, smoking or vaping of cannabis can have some physical impacts like drowsiness, mouth dryness, increased heartbeat, and muscular incoordination.

2. Kratom

Kratom is a tree grown mostly in Southeast Asia and possesses a cure for many ailments. It acts as an energy booster, relieves pain, and might also help manage withdrawal signs associated with narcotics. Kratom has many biologically active chemicals that bind with the opioid receptors leading to addiction. The intensity of the "high" after consuming Kratom depends on the dose consumed. When taken in low doses, Kratom can cause a pleasant effect on some people, but others may experience anxiety, reduced appetite, high libido, and agitation. In moderate amounts (15 g), Kratom can cause a euphoric sensation but is milder than other herbs.  People who take more than 15 g of Kratom experience intense sedation and may even blackout.

Long-term uses of this herb can make a person dependent and addicted to it. As per a study, those who continued using Kratom for up to six months developed kratom addiction. Users also showed withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, irritability, high blood pressure, etc., when they stopped using it. However, good quality Kratom has fewer side-effects. For regular consumption, you can Buy Kratom at Kats Botanicals and enjoy their benefits.

3. Opium poppy

Opium poppy

The opium poppy is a flowering herb cultivated mostly in Europe and Asia. It’s grown for three primary purposes: to produce poppy seeds, to produce opium, and to produce alkaloids. The poppy seeds are useful in preparing many food items and also for extracting edible oil.

Opium, the drug extracted from the seedpods of this herb, is medicinally useful to make drugs like morphine and heroin. Drugs derived from opium go by the name opiates, and they start showing their impacts on the brain. Opium is traditionally used to relax muscles, improve gut health, alleviate anxiety, induce sedation, and produce a slight euphoria. Opiates can be addictive and also lead to dependence after prolonged usage. Continued use of opium can produce physical and mental atrophy and reduce life-span. An overdose of the drug can result in breathing disorders, which can be fatal.

Opiates cause these narcotic effects on the brain due to the similarity of their structure with that of endorphins. Endorphins have a direct relation to the pleasure centers of the brain. Consuming opiates impersonate the endorphin's behavior that enhances the mood and reduces pain.

4. Salvia

Salvia belongs to the mint family and is a popular recreational drug among teenagers. Though it’s not addictive nor toxic, it causes fast hallucinogenic effects. It has an active compound called salvinorin A that associates with the opioid receptors in the neurons and thus disrupts the response-stimulus mechanism of nerve cells. The herb also affects the mood center of the brain by promoting the release of dopamine. After drinking or chewing this herb, it goes directly into the bloodstream causing hallucinations.

Teenagers who use it for recreation either smoke Salvia Cigarettes or inhale the herb through a hookah. The hallucinations occur within a minute of consuming and are short-lived, lasting just over twenty minutes. It is appealing for those who don't want long hours of euphoria.

5. Valerian


Valerian herb is widely grown in Europe and parts of Asia. Since the 1700s, the valerian root has been widely used as a herbal supplement to treat insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Consuming this herb increases the GABA levels in the brain, which treat addiction and create a calming sensation. A moderate dosage of up to 200 mg of valerian root three times a day can effectively reduce anxiety. Still, a higher dose of the same can cause sleepiness, affecting daily activities.

In addition to this herb's ability to treat medical disorders, it can also produce euphoria effects, which helps treat withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines. The valerian extracts and oil is popularly used as a flavoring agent in cooking. One can also prepare tea using Valerian. Mix a few tablespoons of this herb in 1 liter of water and brew it in a closed pot so that the vapors don't escape. Once it cools down, drink it with or without a little honey. Mixing hops (Humulus lupulus), makes the tea more potent for producing sleep.


So, these are the natural herbs used as herbal remedies that can also get you high. While some herbs are safe, some give lasting euphoria, which is why pregnant/nursing women and people taking different medications, should refrain from taking these herbs. Understand that these herbs can also cause dizziness so it’s best not to smoke them if you have to drive any type of vehicle, operate heavy machinery, or make important decisions afterward. Plus, always consult a doctor or medical professional before taking any of these herbs.


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