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6 Benefits of CBD For Muscle Recovery

6 Benefits of CBD For Muscle Recovery

Human beings have been consuming marijuana for many years for various purposes but mostly in pain relief. However, many countries limited their use due to the psychological impact caused by the plant. The passing of the farm bill in 2018 was a success as it enabled the legalization of hemp plants. Hemp contains CBD with less than 0.3% THC levels.

CBD comes in several products and offers many health benefits.It offers consumers plenty of choices for pain management.

Some of the common forms of CBD include:

  • Balms and ointments
  • Edibles that includes burgers, gummies, and chocolates
  • Creams in the beauty industries
  • Capsules
  • Vapes
  • CBD drinks

What is Muscle Recovery?

It is the mechanism by which the muscles heal and return to normal following workout injuries. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is the tenderness, and redness usually felt two days after an exercise.

If you experience severe pain and tenderness, this is called acute muscle soreness. This soreness is caused by a sudden rise in lactic acid in the muscles following an intense exercise.

Benefits of CBD for Muscle Recovery

How exactly does CBD help in the recovery of muscles? Probably this is a question you ask yourself already.

CBD imitates the human system's endocannabinoids and binds itself to these cannabinoid receptors. This affects the homeostasis in various capacities resulting in pain relief, treating psychiatric illnesses, or relieving symptoms of menopause. It will also aid in muscle recovery.

Below are CBD 's benefits in the muscle recovery process:

1.     Sleep Improvement

Sleep is vital for muscle recovery as we have already described. CBD helps you sleep better. Insomnia may be caused by extreme pain, anxiety, or mental disorders. CBD treats insomnia by combating the underlying factors that affect sleep. Evidence shows CBD can treat anxiety. It was a study held in a psychiatric clinic on patients with sleep disorders whom scientists administered with cannabidiol. The result was CBD can improve the rest patterns in anxiety patients.

Pain can also affect sleep. According to research by scientists in 2018, people can treat their pain using CBD.It will help in improving sleep. Mental disorders like Parkinson's disease can affect sleep. Patients with this disease have shown improvements with the use of CBD.

2.     Alleviates Pain

Pain during recovery is due to the strain that causes the muscles to become sore and tender. It is necessary to manage this discomfort so that the recovery process can be smooth and comfortable. FormulaSwiss CBD oil from Switzerland can treat various types of pain like arthritis, muscle, chronic and multiple sclerosis, among others. There are several studies to indicate this. In research to demonstrate the therapeutic effects of cannabis, scientists discovered the importance of CBD for chronic, multiple sclerosis and pain due to chemotherapy.

Scientists carried out a study on rats in 2016 to prove that CBD also reduces arthritis pain. CBD gels were applied to the rats after rheumatic induction. They were able to see the benefits of CBD for reducing arthritic pain.

3.     Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation occurs during muscle recovery. This induces an increase in blood flow to the affected muscles. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen to these affected tissues. Sometimes inflammation spreads to the surrounding tissues and muscles, increasing the areas affected. It slows down the recovery process.

Some sportsmen typically use ice packs to reduce this inflammation and speed up the healing. Evidence shows CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can speed up the healing and recovery process. The study mentioned above, on the effects of CBD on arthritis, demonstrates how cannabidiol reduces pain through its anti-inflammatory properties.

4.     Lowers Muscle Tension

It occurs when muscles remain stiff for a period causing pain during movement. This condition is normally treated with drugs like benzodiazepines that act on GABA receptors to relieve tension and relax the muscles. However, these drugs cause undesirable side effects like depression, trembling, fatigue, and sedation. CBD can treat muscle tension without causing the side effects encountered with benzodiazepines.

  1. Supports protein synthesis

As described above, protein is an important ingredient in muscle building. This is essential for damaged tissues and is therefore an important component of muscle recovery.How does CBD aid in protein synthesis? Several studies have shown CBD decreases the cortisol levels in the body. High amounts of hydrocortisone limit the synthesis of proteins.CBD facilitates protein synthesis by reducing the cortisol in the body.

6.     Improves Cell Differentiation

Differentiation is the process by which cells subdivide to become more specialized for a specific function. This is an important process for muscle recovery.In an experiment to investigate the effects of CBD on cell differentiation, scientists injected muscular dystrophy mice with CBD solution. The results were that CBD increased satellite cell differentiation and hence improved locomotion and muscle function.

Other Ways You Can Improve Muscle Recovery

Here are steps to take to enable a good recovery and prevent injuries:

  1. Sleeping- Research shows that sleeping can help repair damaged muscles and speed up recovery.
  2. Do not overstrain- Just do the exercise that your muscles are able to handle. Do not overwork as this can lead to a longer recovery process.
  3. Good nutrition- eat a balanced diet as this will help the body to have the required nutrients for muscle building. Proteins will help in bodybuilding while carbohydrates will provide energy. Drinking water will replenish the fluids lost through sweat.
  4. Wearing compression clothing- Research has shown that this clothing can reduce the severity of DOMS.


CBD has potential benefits in both sports and exercise for muscle recovery. This is because it relieves pain, has anti-inflammatory properties, and decreases stress without having any side effects on your muscles. No doubt CBD will help you heal more easily from injuries. These are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy using CBD.

More benefits may be discovered, as CBD analysis is still ongoing. But make sure to consult your physician before you start using it. That will allow you to make the most out of it.


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