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6 Ways In Which Being A Stoner Makes You A Better Person

6 Ways In Which Being A Stoner Makes You A Better Person

Usually, people who get stoned are judged and bullied by different people. There are many different kinds of names kept for such people, but I'm afraid that's not right. After consuming cannabis, my life has changed; it has become better and has made me a better person by bringing empathy, patience, love, and acceptance for everything that held no meaning for me.

Over the years, I had forgotten about painting and sketching because I had lost interest in everything. Cannabis helped me find my passion back, and cannabis returned me to my life. I have collected 6 ways to spread awareness regarding the benefits of cannabis and how it has changed my entire life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you, 

You become less irritating yourself and more accepting towards people:

Whatever product you are used to consuming, may it be cannabis, also known as marijuana, can have a significant impact on your entire personality. Consuming these products brings a sense of responsibility and patience where small things hardly bother you, and because of that sense of responsibility, you rarely complain about whatever that is wrong in your life, you accept things as they are.

Being a stoner can calm you down. Furthermore, people's flaws seem not to be a problem anymore, the people you smoke with become your best friends, and you can pour your heart out to them. Due to excellent communication, the relationships you can develop tend to stay healthier and longer.

Motivation to do different things increases:

When you are stoned, you are motivated to try different things. When we are not stoned, many different things come into consideration, followed by fear of failure and regret. Being stoned takes all the fears away and brings this new energy into you, making you want to try new things. The motivation is not limited to being creative with just a few things but with everything.

Motivation to do different things increases:

You enjoy doing house chores, helping around people, cleaning cars, or mowing your lawn. I used to hate exercising as it seemed to be another chore that I had to get done. Still, since I have started getting stoned, exercising is one of the most significant stress-relieving activities for me as I enjoy it to the fullest.

Better sleep:

From recent studies conducted, it has been confirmed by many different researchers that cannabis or marijuana can help you sleep better. However, further research needs to be conducted on the matter, but whenever I am stoned, I sleep better.

I have never been a sound sleeper as I had insomnia for a very long time. Insomnia is a sleeping condition where it is harder for you to fall asleep and even harder to remain asleep, but ever since I have become a stoner, I sleep faster and don't wake up again and again during my sleep.

Sleeping better has improved my connection with people, it has made me less irritable, I communicate better with people, and I am more focused.

Patience increases:

Being stoned brings so much patience in you that you don't mind anything anymore. Usually, in our daily life, we are in a hurry where waiting for the smallest thing can make you go crazy, but when you are stoned, the case changes.

Nothing bothers you anymore; there is a calm that is screaming that everything is going to be okay, and everything will happen when it is meant to happen. Life has to offer us many different things that we forget about as life moves forward; being a stoner helps you slow down and appreciate all that matter and even does not matter.

Over the years, I have found myself to be less cranky, more courteous, appreciative of all the little things in life, and I understand all the negatives and the positives, especially after I started getting stoned. Due to being patient, you go with the flow and accept whatever comes your way.

Self-Awareness increases:

There are many benefits of consuming cannabis, but one of the biggest benefits is that once you are stoned, you get to see yourself from a different perspective. Cannabis can be the mirror many of us want to see, and it helps us understand our flaws and good things.

Over time, being stoned has helped me work on my bad parts, which has helped me become a better person, I am no longer insensitive to my friends, I communicate with my parents, and I have stopped lying and most of all I believe in doing respectable jobs.

I know what bothers me, and if the thing that bothers me is invalid, I know how to deal with myself. Being stoned is the only therapy that has helped me over the years, and honestly, it was much cheaper than talking to a professional.

You become a better cook and want everyone to try your delicious foods:

I was never a good cook; cooking seems to be a formality that I used to do to stay alive, but now I am incredibly concerned about whatever I put in my body. When I get stoned, I become a professional chef that wants to make a fancy dinner, and that is what I do, with decorative plates and the perfect plating.

Food is not a formality anymore, but something I thoroughly enjoy, it is now an activity that helps me untangle my negative feelings and relax.

You become a better cook and want everyone to try your delicious foods:

To sum it all up, it's easier to make fun of people, point fingers, and say that whatever they are doing is wrong rather than helping them.

Everyone wants help mainly in these times of quarantine and the COVID-19, but when help does not come, that's when people are forced to help themselves, and then it is up to them to do whatever they want. It is easy to throw judgments here and there but being stoned has saved my life and has made me a better human being, if you don't believe me, you can see for yourself.


Author’s bio:

Josh Lees is a final year psychology student. He is a passionate writer and loves to research about mental and physical health. He has published many articles regarding different psychological conditions. To find out more about his journey head over to https://kootenaybotanicals.com/.

This article was submitted exclusively to CrystalWind.ca by David Martin.

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