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Through these 8 Ways, Loneliness Affects Your Mental Health

Through these 8 Ways, Loneliness Affects Your Mental Health

We, humans, are social beings, and we need to have some social relationships for a healthy mind and body. Loneliness can be very painful, and though it is slow to show its effects, it can take quite a toll on your mental health and increase the risk of several mental disorders.

Loneliness can cause depression, personality disorders, insomnia, alcohol abuse, Alzheimer's, and many other disorders.

You don't have to be physically alone to be lonely; many people have a large friend circle and interact with many people every day but are still lonely. When it comes to fighting loneliness, the quality of your social relationships matters more than the quantity. Even one supporting person, with whom you can talk about your thoughts and problems, and enjoy your time can be enough to get rid of loneliness.

I know that loneliness is not recognized as a significant problem in our society; however, to raise awareness about the severity of loneliness, today, I am going to tell you about some of the implications of isolation on your mental health. Therefore, keep reading to learn more.

Loneliness can lead to stress.

Loneliness can lead to stress.

Stress is a common disorder that is faced by many people. There are various reasons why a person may feel stressed; however, one of the common reasons is loneliness. Loneliness can also make it difficult for you to cope with work-related stress.

Stress is a serious problem, and it can lead to many diseases, some of which can also be terminal. Furthermore, stress is a precursor to several mental disorders, including depression and dementia. Therefore, it is essential to counter stress.

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Loneliness can cause depression:

Depression is one of the most common results of long-term loneliness. As social beings, we need to have meaningful and satisfying social relationships to stay happy. However, when there is no one we can talk to and be emotionally intimate with, depression can eventually make its way into our lives.

Depression is a severe disorder, and it can be extremely devastating. Several things can lead to depression; however, bad breakups or the loss of a loved one are among the most common causes.

Depression can be mentally and physically crippling, people lose interest in everything, and it is something even difficult for them to get out of bed. Therefore, we need to be supportive of people going through such emotional situations and find someone to talk to and share our problems with.

Loneliness can lead to alcohol Abuse:

Alcohol can have several negative impacts on our body, and loneliness is one of the primary reasons people turn to alcoholism. Alcohol can cause liver and heart damage, and it can also cause certain parts of the brain to shrink.

Alcohol abuse can lead to the shrinkage of the brain's frontal lobes, leading to behavior changes, blackouts, and hallucinations. Long term and excessive use of alcohol can also lead to dependence.

Therefore, no matter how lonely or sad you feel, you should know that alcohol will only make things worse. Consequently, it would be best if you tried to avoid it as much as possible,

Loneliness can lead to Borderline personality disorder:

People with Borderline Personality Disorder can be susceptible to the emotional responses of others. It is difficult for them to form emotional connections, but they can be unstable and painful. People with BPD can come off as needy, making it even more challenging to find a meaningful emotional connection.

The relation of loneliness and Borderline Personality Disorder can be somewhat paradoxical, in a sense that loneliness does lead to the development of BPD, and in turn, BPD makes it even more difficult to fight loneliness.

Loneliness can lead to low self-esteem:

Low self-esteem is another effect of long-term loneliness when people cannot form a trustworthy relation after trying so much; they may consider themselves the problem. They may develop a sense of hatred towards themselves and face a severe decrease in their self-confidence.

Lonely, people may start to think that they aren't worthy of having a healthy and emotionally stable relationship with anyone, which is a very negative mindset; it can eventually lead to social anxiety and depression.

Therefore, loneliness is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Loneliness can affect your cognition:

Studies have also shown that loneliness can also be linked to problems with attention and cognitive function. Some studies suggest that it can even be a precursor for Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

In a recent study, the lives of over 12000 participants were followed over ten years, and it was concluded that there was a significant link between loneliness and the risk of dementia. The participants who reported being lonely were at a 40% higher risk of dementia.

Loneliness can lead to suicidal tendencies:

Though people may not consider it a severe problem, loneliness can lead to suicidal thoughts. The feeling of loneliness can cause a self-perpetuating cycle of dysphoria, low self-esteem, and self-blame, which can eventually lead to severe mental health issues like depression.

Suicidal tendencies are often associated with depression. Therefore, lonely people are at a higher risk of suicidal thoughts.

Loneliness can lead to social anxiety and panic attacks.

Loneliness can diminish our confidence, and it can also be a cause of social anxiety. When someone stays alone for a long time, they can start developing a fear of social interactions. They feel that they aren't capable of having a healthy social relationship and hence develop social anxiety.

It can be tough for these people to be in social environments, and they can even have panic attacks sometimes. Therefore, loneliness is not something that you can ignore. It has to be acknowledged and fought.

Final thoughts:

Humans are wired to be social, and when we aren't able to develop satisfactory and meaningful emotional relations, life can be a little difficult. Loneliness is a very tortuous mental state, and it can take its toll on your mental health. I hope that this post could help raise awareness about the severity of loneliness.

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