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How To Grow Your Peyote Cactus In 9 Days

How To Grow Your Peyote Cactus In 9 Days

Peyote is a native plant found in Mexico and southwestern Texas. It's a small cactus that thrives in deserts and harsh conditions. It's got some decorative properties, but most people grow it because it's rich in mescaline. The substance is a potent hallucinogen used by native people for at least 5,500 years.

Of course, you can grow your peyote at home, but you have to set the right conditions to allow the cactus to grow. We're going to show you how to grow peyote, and you should be able to get results in nine days.

How to Germinate Peyote Seeds

It would be best if you planted your peyote seeds in early spring, but before you do that, you have to prepare the right soil mix. Peyote naturally grows on soil with a high percentage of limestone. The ground it thrives on is almost completely stony.

However, you can grow it in standard commercial cactus soil mixes, but you can also mix it up yourself. It would be best if you mixed one part sand, one part standard potting mix, and one part heavy grit.

Fill up the pots you want to grow the cactus in with the mix and tamp it down as much as possible. Leave some room on top so you can add water. Soak the soil with water and leave the pots in the shade for 24 hours so the water can be absorbed.

Get the seeds the next day and place then on the surface of the soil. There's no need to cover them up with soil, as you want to recreate a natural habitat.

The last step requires you to cover the pots with a piece of clear plastic and fix them with elastic bands or duct tape. Standard sandwich wrap won't be good enough because it's too thin and will tear easily. The soil has to be at least 22 degrees Celsius for the peyote to grow.

Place the covered pots on the floor where there's plenty of sun and heat. You can also place them on a south-facing window. You can even get a few heating mats to make sure that the temperature stays where you need it.

Peyote is a desert species that thrives in low-humidity, so this technique might seem a little odd, but it gets the job done. You won't have to add any water during the first month. After about nine to ten days, you'll see small green spheres appear.

Your peyote infants will slowly begin to grow, and that's when you should make a few holes on the plastic cover with a toothpick. You have to dehumidify the soil for the cactus to grow.

Wait another week and punch more holes. After another week, expand the holes, and after about ten weeks, the humidity will be ideal. Peyote cactus is a delicate plant, so you'll constantly keep an eye on its progress.

When you finally remove the plastic and wait for the top layer of soil to dry out completely. Add some water in sprays every week, and make sure that it doesn't soak the roots. Peyote likes to stay on dry land.

Growing Your Peyote

Now that you know how to grow peyote, you have to be patient and take care of it throughout the process. This cactus takes months until it establishes a strong root system, so you must be very careful not to touch it.

There are a few things you'll have to check regularly for the cactus to grow. First, make sure that the soil is well-heated at all times. When you add water, make sure that you don't drown the roots.

If you're trying to grow peyote in colder regions, don't water it from middle fall to the end of the winter, or the roots might rot. When spring comes, spray some mist over the cacti, don't water them like regular plants or flowers.

After about one year, your peyote will develop strong roots. Repot the cactus after the winter to make sure that all green parts are above the soil line. Otherwise, the body of the cactus will rot.

When you finally have a strong plant with a strong root system, the only thing left to do is to recreate its natural environment, which means a lot of heat! Get a fish tank and place it upside down over your beloved peyote.

Add some LED lights, if possible, to increase the temperature even further. If you want, you can also add a layer of fertilizer every couple of years to grow your peyote faster. Don't overdo it, though, because too much filterer could make it grow slower.

Take Care of Your Peyote

As you can see, you'll need more patience than anything else when growing peyote. If you want to succeed the first time, you should plant 5 or 6 pots simultaneously. That way, you'll have a few successful pots, even if two or three don't make it at all. Have fun growing your peyote cactus!


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