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Keeping Cannabis Sacred

Keeping Cannabis Sacred

As state after state makes cannabis legal not only for medical, but also for so-called “recreational” use in the United States, we’re going to see a lot more misuse of the plant than we have already. For me, misuse means using it (or THC derivatives) for anything but ceremonial or sacred purposes, or as a healing ally in the case of a serious illness.

Mind-expanding plants have spirit intelligences that connect us with other realms. They require respect. While we may understand this more clearly with strong plant-based medicines, this fact is largely overlooked with cannabis, which has become something of a play toy in the modern world.

In this article, I offer some guidelines for how to work with cannabis in a beneficial way. THIS APPROACH ALSO HELPS ONE AVOID ADDICTION, which can easily happen when this plant is used to “medicate,” rather than “meditate.”

These suggestions thus might be particularly helpful for folks new to the plant world, especially younger people, who are being introduced for the first time to a sea of drugs available in secondary school, college & beyond. It’s best to have a healthy start to any relationship with mind-expanding substances so as to avoid the pitfalls that can occur when we proceed without proper guidance.

Many of the principles I recommend go for ALL recreational medicines. And my first general piece of counsel is:

If you’re going to use a medicine that opens your consciousness like cannabis, it’s best if you can have your first few experiences be with a teacher or guide, someone who knows how to help you navigate. At the very least, have a VERY TRUSTED & MATURE friend present who can sit for you without imbibing themselves so that they can help provide grounding, witnessing, and a sympathetic or enthusiastic ear to whatever emerges for you. A cannabis session is a time of healing & discovery – about yourself & the Cosmos.

Cannabis as “Asterion” ­- Portal to the Stars

Cannabis has been considered a sacred plant medicine for millennia.

The Greeks, for example, knew it to be a substance capable of generating an expanded state of consciousness. The historian Herodotus described the Scythians of his time inhaling cannabis vapors in special ritual tents & subsequently “howling” in a state of ecstasy. Later, the Roman medical authority Galen confirmed that cannabis seeds were enjoyed for their psychoactive effect. 

Of particular interest here to Goddess folks is the fact that above the temple to the Goddess Hera in Argos flowed the Asterion River, on whose banks grew the asterion plant. The vines and leaves were woven into garlands for the statue of Hera, and the plant was made as an offering to herIn my sleuthing for my book The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, I discovered the little-known fact that asterion was one of the ancient names for cannabis, according to the first century C.E. Greek physician Dioscordes!

I love that, because asterion means “little star.” This suggests that ancient users saw the plant as putting them in contact with the astral realms. And that’s exactly what it does, if used properly!

This would certainly correspond with Hera’s aspect as a goddess of the heavens. We can read from all this that cannabis was sacred to the Goddess Hera & her priestesses, who held a prominent leadership position at her temple at Argos. I propose they may have used it as a means by which they induced trance in their special ceremonies.

There’s far more evidence throughout the ancient world of the sacred use of cannabis/asterion, but this is just a teaser to encourage you to investigate further.

Cannabis & Addiction

While cannabis is a sacred plant, unlike some other mind-expanding substances, it can also become an addictive one. This fact is often overlooked or denied, especially in spiritual circles.

Whatever your intention, when you use cannabis, you open your upper chakras & auric field to a host of other beings. Again, this is one reason why people like to use it for spiritual purposes – it gives us access to other forms of consciousness that can provide us with high-level information.

But sometimes with cannabis these beings can include what I call “addiction entities” – those beings that feed off your energy. Once they take root in your field, it’s in their best interest to impulse you to crave the substance when you’re not using it. Because they know that every time you get high, they come in and have a feast. (This goes for any addictive substance, not just cannabis, by the way).

When you’re addicted, these entities remain present in your life even when you’re not using, stimulating anxieties, compulsions, a sense that you “can’t do without” the substance, and a feeling of lack of control – all emotional states & thought forms that these entities can feed off of, as well.

So once you become addicted, these beings are hovering around you whether you’re using or not.

Addiction beings are more liable to come in when we’re using substances like cannabis to zone out from our pain. That’s the hook: our wounds. In other words, cannabis addiction is usually not random. It takes place when one is using cannabis without conscious intent. Even spiritual intent is not enough. One must be fully conscious as to WHY and HOW one is using it on multiple levels.

Signs you’re addicted to cannabis include:

  • You feel a strong need to use it more than once every 2-4 weeks in order to deal with the stresses of life, or as the only real way you can “get spiritual.”
  • If you’re using it daily to cope with life (again, I’m not referring here to those who are using it to alleviate symptoms of serious illness) you’re definitely addicted. Many people fall into this category (especially men) and are in denial about it.
  • Your “medical” use of cannabis has (if you’re honest with yourself) crossed the border into using it as your primary way to relax or deal with anxiety & trauma.
  • You can’t face a date or lover without toking to help you feel more relaxed or confident.
  • You carry cannabis around with you all the time and offer to use it with others.
  • You begin every party or gathering by getting high, usually by yourself or soon after you arrive, and then you invite others to do the same.

Dig in deeply and see if you any of the above apply to you. If you’re addicted, you may want to look into a 12-step group like Marijuana Anonymous, or work with an addiction counsellor to heal what’s underneath addiction, and help you redirect yourself away from the plant.

You may also want to call on an entity release specialist to clear any addiction entities that may be working on you even when you’re not using.

Is Cannabis Addiction “Reversible”?

One client, a woman, came to me because her boyfriend was working with ayahuasca, and the shamans said hercannabis entities were impeding his spiritual growth! She was deeply distressed, and wanted to keep the relationship with her boyfriend.

I helped her identify the behaviors indicating that she’d been addicted for years ­– namely near daily use since she was a teen. I offered the suggestions below for how she could get into alignment with the Deva of Cannabis (the spirit of the plant) to see if the addiction could be released & if she could therefore preserve her relationship with the plant, but I wasn’t sure that was going to be possible given fact that the entities had set it. It was most likely the case that she was going to have to give up cannabis altogether. (She never followed up with me).

In another case, I helped a male client understand that he was using cannabis to cope with life daily, and that he was thus addicted. I similarly recommended working with the Deva of Cannabis, but a year later it was clear that the addiction was not reversible. He was still using cannabis to medicate on a regular basis.

What’s more, because this spiritually oriented person was also using cannabis to connect with higher realms of consciousness, at this stage the portal in his field that was opened to the addiction entities was also inviting a host of other spirit visitations, not all of them positive. This was overwhelming him, creating drama & havoc in his life & the lives of those around him. It was clear he was going to need to release cannabis from his life, permanently.

The bottom line is: At the point at which you’re craving the plant & no longer neutral to it, you’re addicted & you’ve pretty much created a portal in your field for questionable entities to come in every time you use this substance.

You’re best advised to turn to a new (non-addictive) plant ally if you want to continue exploring plants as a way to open consciousness. And you’ll want to investigate other healing methods to deal with trauma & anxiety.

The fact that the entity portal that can develop from using cannabis (or any potentially addictive medicine) is generally long-standing means it’s extra important to teach younger people how to use plants carefully. This can help them avoid ruining a relationship with a plant for good in this lifetime – resonances of which I’ve been shown can be carried into future lives.

That’s why sharing this article with young people you know might be helpful for those who are ready for this message. This is not about “just say no,” it’s about “proceed with wisdom.”

How to Create Ceremony with Cannabis
(or any other mind-expanding plant ally)

Now for the good news. Working with cannabis consciously & exclusively ceremonially can help you avoid entity attachment – whether by addiction beings or any other kind. This is a good habit to adopt particularly if you’re beginning a relationship with the plant, but it can serve even if you’ve been working with cannabis for a while (and know you’re not addicted).

Here is a suggested ceremonial protocol: 

Arrange for a mentor, teacher, or guide to join you for your ceremony. At the very least, have a trusted friend present.

Create a ceremonial space with a simple altar with a few representations of who or what you consider sacred & candles. Have vessels of milk, honey, water & wine on it as offerings to the beneficial spirits.

Set up a blanket in case you need it, water to drink, and food already prepared for a few hours into it when you get hungry.

Purify your space with copal or sage. Keep palo santo incense burning.

Place your plant ally on the altar.

Set golden light as protection around yourself & the room. Call in Archangels and masters to protect your space. Cloak room in gold.

Make prayers to those you are calling in for support. Set intentions (healing, guidance, information on a topic) and put forth any questions you’d like to explore (personal, global, cosmic).

State out loud that you call in only the energies of love, light, and wisdom to be present, and that anything else is not welcome and will be sent away according to your sovereign will.

Honor and bless the plant ally before you. When ready, imbibe.

If inhaling, start with no more than 3 puffs and see how that feels after an hour before doing more. See how little you can use to achieve your goal of connection with Divine Realms.

When the medicine starts activating within you:

Ask for permission to enter the subtle realms of the Otherworld. Honor the threshold rather than barreling in.

Notice what news there is or what the first theme is.

Know that what you’ll experience is a combination of surrender & intention.

You can ask the Masters to help at any time during the journey, calling golden light around you.

You can ask questions. You can call on certain deities.

You may want to have a digital device to record any information coming in; this can be a precious gift from the Universe. Avoid using a cell phone for this.

If you get into an uncomfortable place, work with the person you’ve invited to assist. This may be an important initiation for you. Guardians at the gate sometimes like to test you. There may also be healing of trauma happening.

It’s unlikely when using cannabis, but if you find there is the urge to purge, surrender to it. Know where your garbage can is, or have a bucket nearby. Purging is a form of healing. Don’t get too upset about it.

As you start coming down, decide when you’re ready to eat, and do so.

When ready to conclude the ceremony, thank the allies you have called in, invite them to go or stay as they see fit. Blow out candles.

Take a shower to shift the energy.

Note your dreams. Be gentle with yourself the next day. Don’t set up anything major. If you didn’t record, type or write up notes.

Have an integration or follow-up session with the person who assisted you.

Listen back to your recording or notes. See what you’d like to do with the information you received. You can always take things under advisement of your higher self or share it with others for assessment.

If You’d Like More Guidance

May this article assist you or a loved one in developing the best possible relationship with cannabis/asterion. I’m available to provide further (and tailored) guidance to you, as well. If you’d like to book a session, contact us HERE.

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., is the founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School and a scholar/practitioner of the ancient Mediterranean mystery traditions. She is the author of The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece and Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity, pioneering volumes emerging from her doctoral dissertation at the California Institute of Integral Studies that explore women's shamanic abilities in a (r)evolutionary new light. She teaches unique and leading-edge courses on the sacred feminine and women's spiritual leadership at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), and Dominican University of California. sevensistersmysteryschool.com

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