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Vaping E-Liquid VS Smoking Pot: Which Is Better for You

Vaping E-Liquid VS Smoking Pot: Which Is Better for You

Although smoking still seems to be more popular, many users found that vaping is a better alternative. A vaporizer is a device that allows you to heat dried herb, concentrates, or e-liquids to create vapor without using combustion. You use a mouthpiece to inhale that vapor.

You might wonder whether it is better to vape an e-liquid or smoke pot. It ultimately comes down to your preference, but we created a list of pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

Why You Should Consider Vaping

Why You Should Consider Vaping

Let’s cut it straight to the point – the main benefit of vaping is that vapor inhalation is nowhere near a health hazard as smoking. That is what the Royal College of Physicians states for tobacco, and it is probably similar for cannabis. Vaping doesn’t require an open flame, and that is what makes it (pretty) safe.

Here is an overview of other advantages of using vaporizers:

  • Feel more flavor – it will depend on the strain you choose, but vaping delivers extra flavor compared to smoking. It is also easier to make a difference between various strains. If you compare a minty and fruity flavor, it will be a far bigger distinction then when smoking the same tastes. However, the flavor at the end of a vaping session might not be as strong as in the beginning.
  • Improved efficiency – you don’t have to waste as much herb as when smoking. That increases efficiency and ensures more value for the same cost. Additionally, a bud that you vaped can be utilized to add to teas or edibles. You might even vape it again, but it will have limited effect. That is far better than smoked cannabis, which becomes ash, and you can’t use it anymore. Top vaping pens like the Firefly 2 can help you make the most out of your vaping experience.
  • Temperature control – the majority of vaping kits allow you to pick the desired temperature every step of the way. Now, there is a learning curve to figuring out which heat settings are the best for you, but that is part of the experience. The general rule is that low temperatures deliver mild effects, and high heat might lead to euphoria.
  • Less odor produced – if you want to stay discreet, you will love that vaping doesn’t create a lot of odor, especially if you don’t turn the heat up to the max. Additionally, you won’t catch the smell, which means it will be hard for others to figure out that you are vaping. In fact, there are top-quality CBD e-liquids that come with fragrance to make your vaping time even more pleasant.
  • You don’t need a lighter – it might happen that you don’t have matches or a lighter on you, but the good news is you don’t need them when vaping.

The critical thing to ensure is to purchase a high-quality vaping kit. You can find a wide range of equipment at Big Daddy Smoke, and the vast choice makes it easy to pick your favorite.

Are There Any Downsides of Vaping?

Before you try vaping, take a look at these considerations:

  • You need to learn how to use the equipment – there are different vaping tools and kits, but if you don’t have previous experience, expect a learning curve until you discover how to maximize the benefits of the device. If you have owned or used a silicone dab rig in the past, then getting started with vaping would not be so tricky for you.
  • Vaping kits use batteries or other power sources – you should make sure the batteries on your device are always charged, or find an electrical socket nearby. Although you need to monitor battery life, the good news is that most kits come with long-lasting batteries.
  • Equipment might be pricey – it depends on the product you choose, but vaping requires suitable equipment. Regardless of the kit you choose, the initial investment will be higher than with smoking.
  • Maintenance is necessary – fortunately, the cleaning process is not demanding, although you need to clean your equipment after several sessions.

Is Smoking a Better Choice Than Vaping?

Is Smoking a Better Choice Than Vaping?

It is hard to answer that question because personal preferences vary. However, we can compare the pros and cons of smoking. We will start with the reasons why you should consider it.

  • Improved effectiveness – if you are looking to experience the ultimate efficacy of cannabinoids in marijuana, smoking is the way to do that. Whether you are a fan of THC or CBD, smoking will give you the hit you want.
  • No equipment necessary – unlike vaping, you do not need to buy a kit and carry it everywhere. All you should do is purchase pre-made smokes, or invest in rolling papers and make them yourself.
  • No learning curve – even if you use bongs or dabs, it takes seconds to figure out how they work.
  • It can become a ritual – many people prefer smoking because they like the process, and consider it a ritual.

What Are the Drawbacks of Smoking Pot?

Everything in life comes with pros and cons, and smoking is not an exception. Take a look at drawbacks of smoking pot:

  • Smoking creates combustion – smoke requires open flame and burning, which might be a health hazard. Although experts suggest that smoking pot is a better option than smoking tobacco, that doesn’t change the fact you are inhaling smoke. Combustion creates harmful compounds like benzene and tar. Additionally, you might endanger other people who become “passive smokers” only for being around you.
  • No temperature control – it is heat adjustment that allows you to control the effects that you want to feel from each smoke. The only thing you can pick is a strain, but you can’t select whether you want the cigarette to be mild and strong.
  • Not reusable – unlike vaping, you can’t re-use the herb once you smoke it.
  • Smoking creates odor – another thing that you will have to deal with is odor. And the worst part is that the smell will follow you around for hours after you finish the smoke. That means smoking is not discreet because others will quickly figure out that you are a smoker.

You can find many discussions where people point out why they like smoking or vaping. Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, if you want to discover your true favorite, it would be wise to try both options first.


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