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Is CBD Oil Consumption Safe for a Pregnant Woman?

Is CBD Oil Consumption Safe for a Pregnant Woman?

Pregnancy is a period that requires good care and concern. It is a stage where a woman experiences emotional fluctuations. And this depends on various factors of pregnancy ailments (such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia), unplanned pregnancy, financial situations, family support, perception of need for lifestyle restrictions and a sense of loss of independence as a result of which they are compelled to search for alternatives for stress busting, like Cannabis.

Cannabidiol, CBD oil, is being accepted as an alternative medicine because of increased understanding about cannabis and its potential to treat many difficult-to-treat ailments. It is also widely legalized and cannabisradar has state by state information on legalization of CBD in US.

However, some researchers have shown that the consumption of CBD by pregnant women may negatively affect the development of the baby.

So there are certainly some safety concerns regarding the use of CBD oil products, especially the full spectrum variants, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, owing to the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in those products.

Does CBD pose as risk for pregnant women?

Even though CBD has an array of benefits, there are still many things to consider before taking it help with your pregnancy.

Just because CBD may be an otherwise well-tolerated substance, one cannot always know for sure how the substance will affect the baby growing within a woman’s womb.

Similar to women becoming allergic to certain foods, even foods and drinks that are normally well tolerated, some specific kinds of smells, dog or cat hair, there are high chances that alternative medicinal components like CBD might turn out to be an allergen.

Besides, there is always the risk of your CBD oil containing THC. Even if it might be present only in traces, it could have severe effects on a fetus’s body. These include stillbirth, defects in the brain and neuronal networks of an unborn child, infant’s cognitive development, apart from other complications that may need neonatal intensive care, like low birth weight. 

Effects of CBD on the fetus

Although there is a lack of conclusive data to determine the effects of CBD hemp oil on a fetus, it is known that a growing fetus is equipped with endocannabinoid system, even when the fetus is only composed of two cells. This system exists in all humans and some animals. The endocannabinoid system is a system composed of endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that bind the cannabinoid receptors.

In a study conducted on mouse embryos, researchers found that the compound THC inhibited the development of the embryos which contained less than eight cells. Another natural cannabinoid, anandamide, found in the human body also stopped the embryos from developing. CBD can increase levels of anandamide, so there may be negative effects associated with CBD use during pregnancy. But it is important to note that this was a study conducted on mice and the results may not be transferable to human subjects.

There isn’t sufficient scientific evidence to prove the actual effect of CBD on newborns. This is because no one wants to experiment with pregnant women due to the obvious risks.


What are its benefits?

Cannibidiol has potential to be an effective treatment for a number of health conditions related to pregnancy. However, due to its lack of research, CBD consumption is still uncommon among pregnant women.

CBD is expected to:

  1. Treats Nausea

Nausea is the most common sign of pregnancy and generally begins a month after inception. It can be paired with vomiting which makes it complicated for women to get the nutrients they require to support the baby. Research shows that CBD is an effective way to treat nausea. However, researchers suggest further study to understand the effects of CBD on the developing fetus to see if it is a viable option for pregnant women.

  1. Mental Health

During pregnancy, women tend to experience mood swings that make them extremely emotional. Mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and stress are also common during this period. CBD from hemp oil helps to soothe and provide relief for these problems.

  1. Reduce cramping pain

Numerous pregnant women experience cramps during the early stages of pregnancy. It affects their mobility and makes it difficult for them to engage in routine tasks. CBD can effectually help with pain relief associated with cramps and potentially improve the overall health of pregnant women.

  1. Enjoy quality sleep

Sleep deprivation or Insomnia is another common problem faced by pregnant women as they can get anxious thinking about their pregnancy. Many pregnant women use sleeping pills to treat sleep disorders. But they are addictive and aren’t good for the well-being of the fetus. As an effective alternative for these medications Cannabidiol helps insomniacs get quality sleep.

Research findings

  1. A 2012 study published in PubMed Central, reports that cannabis consumption is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, including preterm birth and fetal growth restriction.
  2. A research published by the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Florida in 2014 reveals that an abuse of THC rich products will affect the health of a pregnant woman. Cannabis abuse can alter the executive functions in the prefrontal cortex of the baby.

Natural alternatives to CBD during pregnancy

   During pregnancy your body creates a warm and nurturing environment for your baby — and a cascade of uncomfortable symptoms for you. Surging hormones, shifting fluids and a burgeoning bump in your midsection can cause nausea (in the morning and anytime, especially during the first trimester), insomnia, moodiness and anxiety. Coping with drugs or alcohol isn't safe, but there are a range of options to manage your symptoms and help you feel better:

  • For reducing nausea, you have to eat, even if though the thought of food might turn your stomach. Keep chomping smaller snacks and meals more often. Make sure your stomach is never completely empty.

If these and other drug-free remedies don't do the trick, consult your doctor about prescription medication for severe nausea.

  • With problems concerning Insomnia, you can try warm milk, bubble baths and foot massages to soothe you to sleep during your pregnancy. No matter how exhausted you feel, try not to take any sleep aid including herb teas or any natural supplements without consulting your practitioner.
  • To deal with anxiety, depression and moodiness, studies suggest talk therapy, light therapy and making sure you take care of yourself can help alleviate your feelings.

Carrying a baby and caring for a newborn are intense experiences, both emotionally and physically. One must be careful during their pregnancy and never pop pills or even use a drug as safe and natural as cannabidiol oil without asking your doctor first.

hannah jonesHannah Jones is a Tulsa-based writer and graduate of Tulsa Community College. She's a contributing writer to  as well as Content Marketing Expert & she’s writing about Cannabis since 2014. When not writing about cannabis, she enjoys playing Chess and hanging out with her dog Froski. 

This article was submitted exclusively to by Hannah Jones.

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