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9 Ways to Fix Vaper’s Tongue and Get Better Flavor

9 Ways to Fix Vaper’s Tongue and Get Better Flavor

Oh, the dreaded vaper’s tongue! Have you been vaping one of your favorite flavors and then suddenly found that you do not like it anymore? Even worse, you find that your tongue seems numb, and you are not able to taste anything. If that’s the case, then, my friend, you have a vaper’s tongue.

No, there is absolutely no need for you to panic. The condition is neither serious nor permanent. So, get a smile on your face and grasp any one of these nine ways to fix your vaper’s tongue. But before that, why not get some idea about what exactly the condition is?

Vaper’s tongue, a condition otherwise called vaper’s fatigue, is when an individual can hardly taste his e-juice flavors. It happens without warning, and many vapers across the world experience this problem at least once in their lifetime. It generally lasts for 1 to 3 days and can even continue for around two weeks. The condition does not injure vapor production or nicotine absorption but harms an individual’s ability to feel the full flavor of his juices.

9 Ways for Fixing Vaper’s Tongue

Now that you have a clear idea of the condition have a look at the different ways of fixing the problem.

1.   Keep Rotating Flavors

Suppose you have been taking one flavor for quite a long time. This will quite likely result in sensory adaptation reducing your ability to taste varied flavors. Rotating flavor profiles or going for varied flavors like fruit, menthols, and custard from is a good way of avoiding the chances of getting used to just one flavor.

You will find wine tasters starting initially with white wines and then moving to the more decadent flavors for preventing taste fatigue. Why not try the same as a vaping enthusiast?

2.   Stay Hydrated

Dehydration will make it very difficult for the e-liquid flavor to get to the taste buds. Saliva plays a vital role in the taste sensation of an individual. It interacts with consumed food chemically. Since dehydration is one of the significant side effects of electronic smoking, it is always a good idea for vapers to drink a lot of water.

Stay Hydrated

3.   Vape Stronger Flavors

Vaping fanatics generally use pre-menthol-flavored juices for shocking and refreshing their palates. Intense flavors like menthol take longer for the taste receptors to get adapted to them. For this reason, experts recommend going for the more robust flavors to avoid vaper’s tongue.

4.   Follow Proper Dental Hygiene

As an avid vaper, you cannot afford to have compromised dental hygiene. It will not only influence your potential of tasting any vape juice but will also have an awful taste in the mouth.

One can avoid vaper’s tongue to a considerable extent by reducing infections and by maintaining healthy gums through flossing and brushing regularly. Making use of tongue scrapers and mouthwashes can also be of immense help. These products refresh the palate and help vapers in tasting their e-juices better.

5.   Allow Time to Take Its Course

Taking a break from your vaping habit will help you in avoiding sensory adaptation. The time during which you do not vape will allow the taste receptors to heal. It will also prevent them from getting used to a particular flavor.

6.   Palate Cleansing Helps

Apart from allocating some time to the taste receptors to heal, you can even try out some ways to cleanse your palate. There are different things you can use for this. Sucking lemon or smelling coffee grounds and using a mouthwash can help. Try having crackers in between for cleansing your palate; this works for sure.

Palate Cleansing Helps

7.   Quit Smoking

This is an obvious suggestion. Since smoking takes a toll on the taste buds of a person, vapers who smoke occasionally or regularly might not be able to get the most out of their e-cig flavors.

If they quit smoking or even reduce the amount they smoke, it can help their taste buds in recovering at a breakneck pace. But the recovery might not be permanent. Permanent recovery of the taste buds is possible only when the vapers quit smoking altogether.

8.   Examine the Device You Are Using

Though it has nothing to do with the vaper’s tongue, the chances are that you might be facing problems because of some technical issues in your vaping device. Be mindful of situations when your e-juice tastes burnt or raw. Or do you remember the time when all of a sudden, you were unable to pick the right flavor? No worries!

Replace the wick or the coil, and you can get back with your smooth and fun-filled vaping experience. Anything that you use for a long time requires some form of repair or replacement. The same goes for your device as well.

9.   Rinse the Nose

Rinse the Nose

NHS guidance suggests that rinsing the nose using salt water can help in doing away with the vaper’s tongue. The process helps in treating loss of smell in case of an allergy or infection. Since taste and smell are connected, this can be of good help.


Unfortunately, there are no absolute fixes for the vaper’s tongue. Nevertheless, one good thing about this condition is that it is temporary. There are medicines to treat the condition, but then you must consult your doctor before resorting to such solutions.


Jessica SmithJessica Smith is a cannabis connoisseur who actively searches for new and budding (pun intended) research findings on the medicinal benefits of the various strains of marijuana. More recently, her attention has been turned to the various benefits that are associated with cannabis terpenes like ocimene, terpinolene and guaiol. 

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